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W. S. - "Pierre Girieud peintre des fresques … en mission à l'Ecole des Beaux Arts du Caire (Pierre Girieud painter of frescos on a mission to the Fine Art School in Cairo)"
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february 4 1936
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Students of the School of Fine Arts will be able to follow a course on the technique of fresco. One of the most eminent French painter, Mr. Pierre Girieud, who is here on a mission, was indeed responsible for teaching our future palette professionals the secrets of a difficult art among all, and whose difficulty does not is not only, as we often tend to believe, a function of the surface to be covered. Few other people are as qualified as Mr. Girieud to lead neophytes on paths that he himself took and at the end of which he found fame. Pierre Girieud is from this Provence with landscapes, so bright, so bright, so colorful that to see them, even without the eyes of a painter, one is transported with enthusiasm. But such shows reveal and sometimes force vocations. Girieud, and this despaired his father, an engineer, who then resigned himself to it, Girieud had always had the ambition to put on the canvas the magnificent tones which enchanted him in southern nature. He obviously works alone, he is inspired. In 1900 Girieud completed his military service; thanks to a pension paid to him by his father, who returned to better feelings, he can realize his dream; He moved to Paris. He always paints, but in the capital - is it because he has transplanted himself into a larger environment - he immediately tackles great compositions. We already feel, and he himself probably does not yet realize it, that his trial and error directs him towards the fresco, that his instincts need an ever more ample means of expression. It is the same for those who, at the time, were at the forefront, he frequented Launay, a pupil of Cormon; and who was one of the rare artists to admire Cézanne and Lautrec. In 1902, Girieud exhibited for the first time at the Indépendants, then with others, he let himself be conquered by the manner of Gauguin and Van Gogh - who also have memories of Provence. He gave the Independents, two years later, a Temptation of Saint Anthony which, by its design, its order, recalls certain works of the 14th century French. In this composition there is a search for equilibria, a construction of the planes which provoke in criticism what are called various movements. Two years later, he sent a Tribute to Gauguin at the Salon d'Automne. He was returning from a long trip to Italy and his work is affected: the meditations he made in front of the masterpieces of the Quattrocento show through, and his effort this time is even more noticed and commented on more diversely . But Girieud has conquered the right of the city among the leaders of the world: it is already notoriety. And since then, he has worked, divided between Gauguin inspiration and Italian inspiration. However, he did not abandon nature and it is always there that his thought finds a basis where it can renew itself. In 1912 and 1913, he returned to the city that saw him grow up. Marseilles. But Marseille is less interested in Girieud than Girieud in Marseille. In 1914: the war. Girieud nurse, painted when he can and where he can, that is to say on the walls of the barracks. It always evolves, it works with an increasingly rich material, more and more flexible, deep. At the same time, he dares to seek his inspiration in allegory; Naturally, Girieud who did not know a school, came to the big fresco. An official consecration of his talent: he is responsible for decorating the Faculty of Poitiers; Law, Medicine, Sciences, Letters, these are all pieces in which his personality found a framework in which he was able to express himself entirely. "He said of him Robert Rey, the wisdom, the worship, the Faith, and the worship of this well thought poetry whose tradition had almost lost itself and whose great classics of the end of the XIX ° century - Cézanne, Renoir, Gauguin - have rediscovered the source for ages to come. " Students of Fine Arts in Cairo will be at a good school.

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Le sultan Ahmed Ibn Touloun assistant à la construction de la mosquée ( The sultan Ahmed Ibn Touloun attending the construction of the mosque ) - 1936