Pierre Girieud peintre

Life and work of a modern painter

Pierre Girieud - Illustrator

Pierre Girieud, Illustrator

Pierre Girieud was still an unknown artist, when a few of his satirical topical drawings were published in various newspapers.

Later on, at the request of his friends literary men, he illustrates Romance, poetries or biographies.These illustrations of works will be welcomed because they contribute to combining two arts (1).
During an investigation carried out in 1933, he indicates the pleasure he had in imagining these illustrations (2).

He also contributes to the production of tourist guides, almanacs or illustrations. n particular, in 1923, by request of french national museum, he created for a french art exhibition in Stockholm, an advertissement in order to attract visitors. This advertissement printed by Mourlot was a success and the museum decided to continue the experience with future artistic manifestations.(informations issued from the site Affiches Mourlot) ;

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