Pierre Girieud peintre

Life and work of a modern painter

Pierre Girieud - Flowers and still life

Pierre Girieud, peinter of flowers and still life

Time and time again Pierre Girieud was fascinated by flowers. Between 1902 and 1909, he treated that subject, as ceramists would and renewed it with different backgrounds. The composition of his paintings increasingly became more classical while remaining rich and decorative. His bunches of flowers are often depicted in ceramic vases made by his friends among whom Paco Durrio, his closest friend.

Other still-lifes
His earliest still-lifes are elaborate. He used colours and a naive touch creating his own primitive style according to Gauguin's precepts.
Later on, his still-lifes are rather studies in view of larger paintings, such as the pineapples and the narghileh, which were to be part of the painting with the Indu Sultana.