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Pierre Girieud - writings

Pierre Girieud's writings

Pierre Girieud associated with great artists such as Mario Meunier Rodin's secretary, Charles Morice who contributed to Noa Noa of Gauguin or Joachim Gasquet particularly closed to Cézanne. He participated in many experiences that have contributed to the birth of modern art. Nabi, Fauve and expressionist, he has seen born Cubism which he refused vigorously to join.
He always followed his own vision of art refusing any path set by a school. Pierre Girieud a fréquenté les proches de très grands artistes tels Mario Meunier le secrétaire de Rodin, Charles Morice qui contribua au Noa Noa de Gauguin ou Joachim Gasquet particulièrement proche de Cézanne. Il a participé aux nombreuses expériences qui ont contribué à la naissance de l'art moderne. Nabi, fauve puis expressionniste, il a vu naître le cubisme auquel il a refusé vigoureusement d'adhérer. Il a toujours suivi sa vision personnelle de l'art refusant toute voie tracée par une école. His conception of art appears through three writings he left us :
- a notice on Gauguin in Albums d'Art Druet XII Paris Librairie de France 1928
- a lesson about frecoes that will provide at Cairo University in which he exposes the techniques of Italian primitives he pieced through the study of old documents and extensive testing
- memories, important testimony to the artistic life in Montmartre in the early twentieth century but also manifest in defense of his friends and many reflections on art.