Pierre Girieud peintre

Life and work of a modern painter

Pierre Girieud - Nabi

Pierre Girieud, Nabi painter

As a great admirer of Gauguin whose work he sees in 1901 thanks to his friend Durrio, a ceramist and goldsmith who had worked with that artist, Girieud follows Nabi precepts in his paintings.
- He refuses the traditional perspective and favours flat surfaces.
- He paints a black line around stylised shapes to bring out their quintessence.
- He uses unnatural colours to increase decorative aspect.

However, his own interpretation comes to light through the sensations he expresses in the way he plays with colours composition. He expresses his own primitive touch through naive pictures, stained-glass windows and hieratic figures.

During his evolution, he kept one of Gauguin's essential rule : drawing has to give the painting a solid structure.
Pierre Girieud could not make his dream of joigning Gauguin on the islands come true, a nd had to be content with a pilgrimage to Brittany.
For a retrospective exhibition of Gauguin's work in 1906, he painted The Last Supper with Gauguin sharing a meal with his disciples :l' Hommage à Gauguin (Homage to Gauguin)..