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Pierre Girieud - interpretations

Pierre Girieud's interpretations

Pierre Girieud is a self-taugh painter who learnt his trade during his frequent visits to the Granet Museum in Aix en Provence as well as the Louvres, once he had settled in Paris. Following his friend Launay's advice, he studied composition in old masters' paintings. However, up to the present stage, no trace of his studies has been found.
During his trips to Italy in 1906 and 1907, Girieud became fascinated by the Primitive italian artists . He adopted their technique to give an exotic and naive touch to his painting. He might have tried to put their principles into practice when he achieved an interpretation of Lorenzetti. In Italy, he also had the opportunity to admire antique statues. Three of his interpretations were inspired by the Graces, a roman copy of a greek work in Siena.
From 1927, Girieud, divided between landscapes and decorations, completed his love of classic art by the realisation of an other series of interpretations qu'il admire.