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Anonymous author - "Le peintre Girieud qui, avant 14, créa à Marseille le Salon de Mai vient de mourir à Paris (The painter Girieud who created before 1914, in Marseille the Salon de Mai is died in Paris)"
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january 1 1949
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Pierre Girieud has just died. This great Provencal painter born in Riez (BA) in 1876, leaves an admirable work where Provence is represented in its most beautiful frescoes, not to mention the landscapes exhibited at the Luxembourg Museum (Paris), in Strasbourg, Marseille, Le Havre, Digne , etc. as well as in several museums in Germany and Russia. His Decorations, to name but a few, of the faculty of Poitiers, the village hall of the town hall of Ivry, a school in Nice, earned him to teach fresco at the School of Fine Arts in Cairo. In the Larousse dictionary '(page 791 of the 3rd volume) we read: "He exhibited logically ordered works at the Salon d'Automne". Further, about his landscapes of Provence .... "of a flexible execution and a certain approval". He was a painter who loved his country, his beautiful Provence. Art lovers did not fail to read the notice of the album Druet, devoted to Girieud the opinions of F. Carco, J. Gasquet, d'Erlande, R. Dorgelés etc ... see in this painter a great simplicity and a love of art above all contingencies of life. From 1900, when he arrived in Paris, with a pension of 100 francs a month from his father, he devoted himself to painting. He follows Launay so unjustly neglected by his time forgotten by ours. In 1901, he exhibited in various places. Finally in concert with Launay the sculptor Maillol, the painter Durrio, he exhibited at Berthe Weill. In 1902, it was the Independents. Since then, he has never stopped improving. In 1912-1913, he took over a Quai de Rive-Neuve workshop in Marseille, where he devoted himself to the search for balance; with his friend Lombard, he created the salon de mai whose honorary presidents are Auguste Rodin and Auguste Renoir. The men who make a group with Lombard with Lombard and Girieud in this May salon are called: Bonnard, Marquet, Camoin, Rouault, Verdilhan. Alas, Marseille does not react! 1914, a hole for all men. Obviously, the artist paints the walls he finds, even if they must be destroyed in the great storm. Finally the war ended, here he moved to Lauriston Street. Since then he has only climbed the ladder and reached the highest point of painting for his art without trying to flatter customers to sell. Age and illness got the better of this master. But the memory of Pierre Girieud is not about to fade.

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