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Pierre Girieud - His life

Pierre Girieud's Life

His Origins
Pierre Girieud was born in Provence, where his parents came from, on 17th June 1876.
Once he was sure of his artistic vocation he settled down in Paris in 1900.

Montmartre 1900 - 1912
Pierre Girieud lived in Montmartre for ten years, near place du Tertre. There he became a friend of Monge, Lempereur, Launay, Villon, Marquet, Manguin, Camoin, de Mathan, Puy and Picasso with whom he shared an exhibition in 1902.
He was also a friend of the writers such as Mac Orlan or Carco and Dorgeles qui en who mentioned him in their works. It is with this last literary man that as a canvasser in the Salon des Indépendants he registered a painting painted by the tail of an ass (whose name was Aliboron) under the tittle of " Et le soleil s'endormit sous l'Adriatique (And the sun fell asleep on the Adriatic)" and with the name of Boronali as the author of the painting. This mystification of Boronali remained famous among the artists of Montmartre.
The meeting point of Girieud and his friends was Le Cafe du Lapin Agile whose room is decorated with Picasso's Arlequin and Girieud's Parrot. Thogether, they explored unknown ground and tried to find opportunities to show their works. They tried to revolutionise their art, and each made different experiments. Their search resulted in the creation of Salon d'Automne.

Pierre Girieud's life, based on friendship, talent and openness was upset by the first world war in which some of his friends died.
Obsessed his horrible war experiences, Girieud turned his back on his former life. Living in turns in Paris or in Provence he finally recovered stability in his private as well as his professional life.
His work consists in studio paintings, lanscapes painting outdoors , frescoes and decorations.

Pierre Girieud died on 26 th December 1948 at the age of seventy-two.