Pierre Girieud peintre

Life and work of a modern painter

Pierre Girieud - peintre of compositions

Pierre Girieud, painter of compositions

As soon as 1904, Pierre Girieud painted on quite large surfaces as he was attracted by their decorative aspect as well as by the potential complexity of their message..
The Hommage à Gauguin (Homage to Gauguin) is one of the topical subject he seldom dealt with.
His great general knowledge and his mastery of Nabi symbols made him choose mainly religious and mythological subjects.
Mythology increasingly prevailed in his work as he learnt more about Classical Art, in which he perceived nature as symbolising order and eternity.
In 1930, he designed the sets and costumes for the opera Orphée by Gluck combining a sense of composition and decoration (1).

(1)Pierre Girieud will decorate Orphée