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Anonymous - "Collège d'Esthétique Moderne exhibition"
Le XIX° Siècle-n°11582--

november26 1901 NP
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Today vernissage of the painting exhibition of Collège d'esthétique moderne 17 rue de la Rochefoucauld. The exhibitors are the most beloved masters of artistic youth and the most brilliant representatives of the new generation. Let us mention of : Messrs.Baron, Clericetti, Derré, Dumy, Berne-Cléne, Chailloux, Jourdain, Landais, Luce, Manet, de Mathan, Lynen, Le Roux, Olivier, Perrot, Pissarro, Popinot, Bally, Renoir, Roustan; Seurat, Solari, Tild, Van Dongel1 Van Gogb, Wielhorski, Girieud, Launay. This independent art exhibition will remain open until December 20

cited painting of Pierre Girieud