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Derys Gaston - "Pierre Montagnac"
Mobilier et Décoration-n°144-T1-

january 1934 p.126,136
Contained about Girieud
Pierre Montagnac is currently developing luxury apartments for the Compagnie Transatlantique. One of his most curious achievements is the metamorphosable that he operated in a Romanesque chapel in Provence. This poor chapel had been used as a sheepfold Pierre Montagnac made it a pleasant and serene room by covering it with modern paneling, but which remains in the general atmosphere, asking Girieud to flesh out frescoes whose paganism envelops itself in nobility. (....) p. 136 reproduction of Eurydice at the Champs Elysées - The crowning of Psyche - The wedding of Bacchus and Ariane

cited painting of Pierre Girieud

Eurydice aux Champs Elysées ( Eurydice to the Elysian fields ) - fresco for Jas de Puyvert ) - 1932
Le couronnement de Psyché ( coronation of Psyche ) - fresco for Jas de Puyvert ) - 1932
Les noces de Bacchus et Ariane ( wedding of Bacchus and Ariadne ) - fresco for Jas de Puyvert ) - 1932