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Dorgeles Rolland - "The life and the death of Boronali"

june14 1932 p.1
Contained about Girieud
(...) We have not forgotten that in 1911 Roland Dorgelès had imagined to paint a picture with the tail of the donkey of father Erédé, the old burgrave of the Agile Rabbit. The work, truly curious, had been exposed to the Independents and greatly noticed without anyone realizing that the signature of the hitherto unknown artist, a certain Boronali, was the anagram of Aliboron. - I see the scene again said Roland Dorgeles, there was: to all lord all honor, the noble animal Charlot colloquially says "Lolo", the painter Girieud, the designer Genty, André Warnod and a bailiff who establishes, with a serious imperturbable , a statement of the case. (...)

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