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Warnod André - "Exposition les fleurs en plein air galerie Berthe Weill (Exhibition the outdoor flowers Berthe Weill gallery)"

december15 1927 p.3
Contained about Girieud
Like every year, Ms. Weil's boutique is adorned with the brightest flowers, offered by the best painters of today, charming bouquets, symbols of the friendship that artists have for this woman who has always defended them, since their beginnings - most often lamentable - (....) So each year, Ms. Weil asks her painters to send her flowers. This year, the theme was flowers outdoors. (...) Many others responded: Yves Alix, Barat-Levraux, Bonnard, Bouche, Camoin, Capon, Charmy, Coubine, Derain, Dubreuil, Dufrénoy, Dufresne, Eberl, Eisenschitz, Favory, Flandrin, Friesz, des Garets, Gimmi, Girieud, Goerg, Grillon, Gro maire, Guérin, Hermine David, Hodé, Jacob Hians, Kars, Kayser, Lacoste, Léopold Lévy, Simon Lévy, Manguin, Marchand, Marcoussis, Marquet, Marval, Mouillot, Picasso, Portal, Jean Puy, de la Rocha, Jeanne Rosoy, Rouault, Sabert, Savin, Thevenet, Tobeen, Utrillo, Vallotton, VergéSarrat, Vlaminck, Waroquier, Widhopff. (....)

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