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Blanche Jacques Emile - "The Salon d'Automne"

december3 1919 p.2
Contained about Girieud
The Laprade, Girieud, Dufrénoy, Marval, Puy (one of the best artists of the Druet group, with Mr. Flandrin) are in the period of immobilization. (...) The Salon d'Automne, in 1919, is like those days without wind, so sweet and so pleasant, in the country, where the sick and the old people think less about death. (...) This impression of stopping, of stabilization that gives us the young advanced masters of yesterday, become retrograde ancestors and too reasonable, their younger ones make violent gestures to diminish a little the effects so contrary to the effects that would like to give back to the Salon d'Automne after the war its organizers and that they preserve him besides in some rooms. (....)

cited painting of Pierre Girieud