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Anonymous - "Street theater (St Cyr sur Morin)"

september8 1911 p.1
Contained about Girieud
A unique performance of Roger la Honte was given these last days; unfortunately, it did not have to applaud neither the Parisians of the boulevard, nor those of Dauville or Etretat, but the village public of Saint Cyr sur Morin. the old drama was given on the church square by a forain theater, but its interpreters were not mere bankers. All the artists on vacation in this pretty corner of Seine-et-Marne had wanted to "feel planks," and the painters Girieud, Zyg Brunner, Markouss, the poets Francis Carco, Gazanion, etc., appeared on the scene. These amateurs, - Carco, it is true, is no longer one - played without any fright and were very applauded: the notary was surprised, the ushered useless, the conservator of mortgages dumbfounded .... And when the advocate general, in the middle of a dead silence, said: "There is only one rabble here, it is Pierre Girieud" it was the triumph ... In a corner the comedian Mac Orlan cried

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