Detailed card of bibliography speaking of Girieud

Rey Robert - "Salon d'automne "
Les annales politiques et littéraires -n°2322--

november15 1928 p.467,468
Contained about Girieud
(...) It was a beautiful spectacle the other morning to see André Dunoyer de Segonzac, in the rumor of the hammer blows which resounded in the Grand Palais, arranging this tall Renoir nude along the walls, this Gauguin full of mystery, and this Suzanne who sleeps perhaps only with one eye, while, by the nearby bay, eyeing a monk who looks very much like Girieud. (....) This negress, rigid like a sphinx, lying on these leopards, Girieud (whom we saw a monk earlier) modeled her in this smooth paste like a sumptuous enamel. (...)

cited painting of Pierre Girieud

sultane indoue ( Indu sultana ) - 1922
éloge à la beauté nue ( Homage to nude beauty ) - 1921