Detailed card of bibliography speaking of Girieud

Carco Francis - "De Montmartre au quartier Latin (From Montmartre to quartier Latin) "
La revue de Paris -A33-T5-

september-october 1926 p.62,65,68,367,370
Contained about Girieud
(....) Misery was raging. We cheerfully endured it without worrying about tomorrow or worry of any kind since each of us, driven by our destiny, answered the call. There was Asselin, Girieud, (...) we thought only of living, the poorest staying with others and paying their echo in songs. (....) (...) The natives of this beautiful country were no more foolish than the country keeper. They let the Parisians do their best to strip them, then make fun of them and have wintertime tales. We lived a few at the hotel, where I don't know who was paying. There was Gazanion, Girieud, Ladybird with a pretty voice, Sauvayre. The others had rented houses beyond the church (....) I frequented Guillaume Apollinaire in the cafes on the left bank where his court surrounded him. Between these two countries so dissimilar, the Butte and the District, already, long before this date, the fight was open. (...) Derain, Salmon, Apollinaire, Picasso, Modigliani only rarely came to the Rabbit any more. (....) However, Place du Tertre on the terrace of Bouscara, Chas Laborde, Daragnès, Asselin, Girieud, Deslignères, Warnod, Dorgelès formed a joyful assembly. We had dinner at the same table, then, with Frede's lair attracting us, we went to join Mac Orlan and the whole crew. The night passed thus. (....) Warnod, taken by Comœdia, Chas Laborde, who ran Paris in search of the special world of which he made himself the illustrator, deserted the Rabbit. It was the end. (...) Only Daragnès, Asselin, Girieud, Deslignères, Depaquit, Delaw, Falké and a few others, persisting in remaining faithful to old habits, led the same life and found themselves very well. (....)

cited painting of Pierre Girieud