Detailed card of bibliography speaking of Girieud

Morice Charles - "XXI°salon des indépendants"
Mercure de France-n°188-T54-

april 15 1905 p.541
Contained about Girieud
The whole school of Gustave Moreau, as a whole, denies, at least, its leader to pass to Cézanne. Gauguinists like Sérusier, serusionists like Maurice Denis, are in Cézanne. Mrs Marval is in Cézanne, and Desvallières, and Laprade, and Marquet, and Matisse, and Lempereur, and Metzinger, and Minartz, and La Quintinie, and Girieud, and Dufy, and Alcide Le Beau, and Bouche, and Camoin.....

cited painting of Pierre Girieud