Detailed card of bibliography speaking of Girieud

Coquiot Gustave - "Les Indépendants (The Independant Artists)"
1921 Chap. les Nostalgiques (Nostalgics)
Contained about Girieud
Futurists who find that we do not live modern life enough, do not mock these souls in trouble that the present time terrifies! Think of their sorrow not to understand the extraordinary beauty of a station, the massive splendor of a hammer-pestle, the rapid gallop of the running belts! (....) Repaint Venus, Venus with long hands or Venus Callipyge! what enchantment! What a delight! The factory stinks, modern life is distorted, the CGT triumphs over the ruins of the immeasurable ancient beauty! ... Ah! we nostalgic people will never express enough our broken dreams, our bruised illusions, our broken wings! -Girieud - After painting giant flowers, common and heavy nudes, now paint landscapes where the trees are made of stone, and so bleak, so boundless! A Fra Angelico of the Agile Rabbit; a joke that brushes mythological or religious breakdowns. Obviously moping about painting, gray, amorphous Venus. Put andromeda on a bistro table and Jesus on a furnished quilt. Represent his friends in frescoes for poor church. Believes himself inspired and vaticine. A victim of the poets of the South. (....)

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