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Mourey Gabriel - "Salon d'Automne "
Tout Paris---

novemb 25 1913
Contained about Girieud
Of poetry, the Toilet of Venus of Mr. Girieud and the Bathsheba of Mr. Lombard also overflow, and it is necessary to warmly congratulate these two excellent painters to have returned to these general themes, eternal, to these inexhaustible sources of inspiration what are subjects like those they have treated. If I bring them so close to one another, it is because, despite their differences in temperament and education, there are many affinities between them: their way of composing, the importance they give in their works to the landscape, while subordinating it to the character and the treatment of the figures, and finally the kind of lyrical exaltation of which they both feel possessed and which I would call if I did not fear to attract to them the disdain of certain people , "Mediterranean drunkenness". Carefully study their shipments this year; I do not think you can resist the extraordinary seduction that emerges from it. It is very tender and very strong at the same time, very passionate and very pure, and it has style.

cited painting of Pierre Girieud

toilette de Vénus ( Toilet of Venus ) - 1913