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Art et Décoration--T34-

july-december 1913 p.165,173
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M. Girieud reserved for us the pleasant surprise of his sincere conversion to the cult of drawing. The painter of Marseilles, whose Three Graces, a little cagneux of 1912 hardly recalled the Greek origin of their hometown, exposes in 1913 a toilet of Venus quasi-classic. This is not to say that everything is impeccable or perfect in the anatomy of the goddess or her companions who style her and that Raphael or Mr. Anquetin would have nothing to take back in the laborious model of their epidermis: represents more divinely human the queen of gods and men sung by the voluptuous roughness of Lucretia; and its flesh seems the same muddy as the meadow that frames it. There is, without much archaism or false naivety, like an atmosphere of ancient France in this mythological elucubration. - Reproduction of Toilet of Venus

cited painting of Pierre Girieud

toilette de Vénus ( Toilet of Venus ) - 1913