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Morice Charles - "Salon d'Automne "
Mercure de France-n°297-A20-

november 1 1909
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.... The flowers, the vast composition entitled Baigneuse: Mr. Pierre Girieud concludes even more strongly this year than last year (to the Independents, where already affirmed the decisive moment in the career of this artist) the pact of a spirit with nature. In this one again and very singularly the importance of the interior life is extreme; his decorations proclaim the plastic bias of a thought. And I feel no discomfort in saying that his Portrait of Charles and Albert Morice is a work of the first order. Thus treated, the portrait is in the logic of this doctrine and this talent. It is the portrait of style and composition, the great expressive medal. These two heads, of a man and a child, these two profiles joined by a common character, by a deep resemblance, are effigies of soul. It can be seen that the painter has studiously consulted the sensitive forms, but he took them into account only insofar as they revealed to him interior harmonies. And it is strangely captivating, almost poignant, to see what persists in the delicacy and energy of man in the physiognomy of the child, where it is nuanced by sweet malice and ingenuous hope; the sadness of the mature man, who remembers and foresees, diminishes without completely disappearing in the childish, yet still grave features of the young adolescent, with the imprecise consciousness of heredity; strength waiting, will that gathers, heart that thinks. The success of this work at the Salon was very great with the artists who understood the considerable interest of this indication

cited painting of Pierre Girieud

baigneuse ( bather ) - 1909
Charles and Albert Morice - 1909