Detailed card of bibliography speaking of Girieud

Fontainas André -Vauxcelles Louis "General history of French art from the Revolution to the present day (Volume 1) "
Librairie de France
1923 p.267 - 307
Contained about Girieud
The Salons and Young Painting - p.355 - ... We will still meet at the Salon d'Automne and at the Indépendants fine landscapers such as Utrillo and Lotiron; and Georges Dufrénoy, Georges Bouche, René Sessaud, Charles Lacoste, the elegant and easy Camoin, the suave and meditative Pierre Girieud, Alfred Lombard, Alexandre Urbain, the decorators Jaulmes, Dusouchet, Déziré, Gaudissart, de Waroquier,... ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ------------------------- p.397 ...Some amateurs like the one who had the cloister of Pradines decorated by MM. Lom-bard and Girieud, dare to invite goodwill and the initiative of so many souls in love with the best and the supremely beautiful; but who will follow their attempts? who will appreciate them? who will benefit?... ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ----------------------------- dance reproduction

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