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Morice Charles - "Salon des Artistes Indépendants "
Mercure de France-n°260-T72-

april 16 1908 p.732
Contained about Girieud
What can we expect from Mr. Pierre Girieud, in whom I admire the gifts of the great decorator, if he escapes the grave danger of excessive abstraction? And how will he escape, except by taking the advice of nature? From these long meditations in front of the pure work of the first primitives he will have all the benefit when he has managed to project his thought on the sensible plane of nature, of life. But it is time for him to refresh his gaze in the study of living forms. Her paintings of this year, which mark a passionate search for style, are very close to affirming the discovery - especially the three Marie; it is feared, however, that the artist may soon exceed the plastic horizon if he persists in the exclusive and somewhat systematic culture of his thought.

cited painting of Pierre Girieud

les trois Marie vont au sépulcre ( The three Marie go to Sepulchre ) - 1908