Detailed card of bibliography speaking of Girieud

Hepp Pierre - "Salon d'Automne "
La Gazette des Beaux Arts --T40-

july-december 1908 p.396
Contained about Girieud
For the moment, we prefer to see a young man pastiche the Venetians than parody Gauguin as, namely, Messrs. Girieud and Manzana-Pissarro. From a Gauguin one only imitates the feeble parts, beauty being more intelligence and will than science. Italians one can assimilate by copy a lot of empirical matter from which one will draw great benefits afterwards. And without going so far, to consider imitation only as gymnastics, the exercise of relaxation it provides is much more complete when it comes to the Masters of the past than when it comes to promoters of the movement that has been taking shape for barely twenty years.

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