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Drouot Sales - "Sale of paintings Hotel Drouot - Hensel Maurice Henri Expert"
Catalog of the sale---

january22 1921
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Catalog of modern paintings, watercolors & drawings by Agutte, Altmann, Boudin, Camoin, Chabaud, Chirico, Derain, Dourouze, Drésa, Dufy, Durey, P. Dumont, Epstein, Férat, Frank-Boogs, Forain, Foujita, Girieud, Gleizes , Henry de Groux, Max Jacob, Kisling, Kremegne, Luce, Marie Laurencin, Marcel Lenoir, Marquet, Modigliani, Mendes-France, Cute, Matisse, Nonell, Oppi, Picard the Sweet, Picasso, Steinlen, Sisley, Sola, Utrillo, Utter, Valloton, Vlaminck, Zandomeneghi, whose public auction will take place in Paris, Hôtel Drouot, room No. 12, Saturday, January 22, 1921 at two o'clock

cited painting of Pierre Girieud