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Martin L.L. - "Berthe Weill gallery - The white"
Paris Soir-n°2643-A8-

december31 1930 p.2
Contained about Girieud
(...) Berthe Weill's foals, or a number of painters who have arrived here, who have made their first home, meet, as every year (in December) to exhibit at home a canvas which she gives them either the subject is the pictorial leitmotiv. This year is the white, which in the pictures, was to be the dominant note; it did not take more to title the whole: exhibition of white. (....) Finally Van Dongen, Dufy, Vlaminck, Chagall, Kissling, Merchant, Girieud, Strain, Picasso, Waroquier, Cherniawski, Capone, Kars and so on - collaborate by their value to the attraction of a particularly nice event.

cited painting of Pierre Girieud