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Polak - "Le Salon d'Automne "
L'Art et la Mode---

october 27 1906
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The author of a Homage to Gauguin, Mr. Pierre Girieud, yesterday still absolutely ignored, was able to see his canvas (which obviously will cause the joy of the public even the least expert) long quoted in most reports. That these are not encouraging to him, it matters to him, provided that for a few weeks, he has the attention ..... I want to believe for Mr. Girieud that he simply wanted to distract himself. Is. But then its place is not in this Salon d'Automne, in this Palais des Beaux Arts lent by the State and which, for that reason, gives the works it hosts a kind of artistic stamp that they Too often are too far to deserve ....

cited painting of Pierre Girieud

Hommage à Gauguin ( homage to Gauguin ) - 1906