Detailed card of bibliography speaking of Girieud

Faure-Bignet Charles - "Salon d'Automne"
Le Petit Caporal-n°270-A33-

october2 1908 p.2
Contained about Girieud
Derain, de Wlaminck, Girieud, Braut, Manguin, Friesz, these are names of curious artists and researchers, of whom for several years they were called Fauves. Those who have not ceased to defend them and to warn the public that they were only asked to make an effort to understand and not be angry at the apparent motility of their search for light can be satisfied. There is in all these artists a progress; they all scored one more point to their credit; they are going towards a greater certainty of their means. All of their works are not worth Mr. Friesz's Cathedral, but their color charm is greater with more clarity in the lines and more order in the composition. cited painting of Pierre Girieud

cited painting of Pierre Girieud