Detailed card of bibliography speaking of Girieud

Faure Elie - "Salon d'Automne"
Les arts de la vie-n°7-T2-

july-december 1904 p.295
Contained about Girieud
(...) This exhibition reveals something more comforting than a great individual talent, a new faith that sprouts. After Cezanne, after Puvis, men met who, under the bark of life described by the impressionism with the splendor that we know, seek to reconstitute without hurry the still rough framework of its essential organs ... Camoin, Boudeau-Lamotte, Biette, Sempereur, Girieud, Durenne, De-Terminal, Manguin, a. Bourgeois, Delannoy, Breal, Valloton, Braut, Marquet, especially Bonnard, especially Pierre Laprade, ardent condenser of universal substance and almost great painter today, especially Henri Matisse, grave, severe, concentrated, raw lover of matter, can to be a great painter tomorrow, especially Martel, a powerful and taciturn spirit, especially Albert André, the most expressive, the purest and the most intimate of all; (....)

cited painting of Pierre Girieud