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Gillet Louis - "Le Salon d'Automne fête son jubilé (the Salon d'Automne celebrates its jubilee)"
Le Gaulois-n°18656--

november3 1928 p.5
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We understand the reactions that triggered these nebulous and cockroach works: we excuse the part of sincere revolt which manifests itself in the violent bariolages of Mr. Henri Matisse, or to the constraint in the excess of rigor, the aridities of drawing of Valloton or de Girieud (...) In his Hindu Sultana, Mr. Pierre Girieud wanted to make pure music, his Odalisque, his pink and black pearl, his oriental symphony: he seems closer to Henri Régnault than to Delacroix. (....)

cited painting of Pierre Girieud

sultane indoue ( Indu sultana ) - 1922
sultane indoue ( Indu sultana ) - 1922